We are E-Wastes Recyclers Approved by Government. We Provide Solution for e-Wastes, immerging Problem now a day and will become Biggest Problem in Near Future.

Pruthvi e-recycle is engaged in recycling the ELECTRONIC-WASTE CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, UPS, Power Chords, etc.in an Organized manner employing necessary technology & methodology to derive commercial objective and also to protect ecology & environment.

There cannot be a material which can be called ‘waste’. Every material /object has certain use in appropriate place. Therefore, placing it in the right place solves the problem. Resource recovery at lowest cost with minimal processing is our aim. This is the most environment friendly method of handling any waste.

Pruthvi e-recycle likes to provide global standard in electronic waste recycling. The solution consists of a mix of manual and automated process.

We Understand the Value of Ecological system as well as Social Accountability. We are happy to being Environment Cleaner and Employment Developer.

E-Waste is defined as electronic or electrical equipments/products that have become obsolete because of advancement in technology or changes in fashion,
Economic Benefits - Revenue generation from recovered materials Environmental Benefits - Natural resource conservation & Reduction in Environmental pollution
The Earth’s natural resources are limited and hence we need to make sure that we preserve them and use them carefully